High Voltage Pulse Power Supply for ESP

Product Composition

The high frequency pulse power supply for ESP consists of two parts: one part is the controller cabinet, which monitors the smooth operation of the whole power supply, and the other part is the high voltage box for variable ratio boost rectification and final output discharge.


Controller cabinet

High voltage box

Working Principles

The power supply is a voltage source outputs 12kW. The working principle is to use the high pressure electric field to ionize the flue gas, and the dust charge in the airflow is separated from the airflow under the electric field. The negative poles are made of metal conductors of different sections, called discharge electrodes.


The positive poles are made of metal plates of different geometries, called dust collector electrodes. The performance of the electrostatic precipitator is affected by the dust property, equipment structure and flue gas flow velocity. The specific resistance of dust is the index of evaluating the electrical conductivity, which has a direct effect on the dust removal efficiency. With low resistance, the dust particles are difficult to maintain on the dust collector, causing it to return to the airflow. Higher resistance, the dust charge to the dust collector electrode is not easy to release, the formation of voltage gradient between the dust layers will produce local breakdown and discharge phenomenon. These conditions can cause a decrease in dust removal efficiency.


The basic principle of the electrostatic precipitator of the high-frequency pulse air purification power supply is to capture the dust in the flue gas, mainly including the following four related physical processes: (1) the ionization of the gas. Charge of the (2) dust. The (3) charge dust moves towards the electrode. (4) Catch-up of charge dust.


Collecting process of charge dust: on two metal anodes and cathodes with large differences in the radius of curvature, maintain an electric field sufficient to ionize the gas, the electrons generated after gas ionization: anions and cions, adsorbed on the dust through the electric field, enabling the dust to obtain the charge. Dust with different charged polarity moves towards the electrodes with different polarity and deposits on the electrodes respectively, while achieving the purpose of the dust and gas separation.


Product Parameters

Power Supply Input Parameters

Input voltage

three-phase 380V /50Hz sine AC

Input current

≤ 23A

Input voltage error

≤ ± 10% of the rating value

Three-phase power supply voltage 

imbalance rate


≤ 5%


Enter the overvoltage protection

≥ 420V

Enter undervoltage protection

≤ 350V

Power on overcurrent current

≤ 100A

Power supply output parameters

Output constant mode

constant pressure

Power supply output voltage

≤ 40kV

Power supply output current


Output ripple

± 1%

Output power

≤ 12kW

Output overflow protection

≥ 500mA

Output frequency


Output duty cycle


Short-circuit protection for the output

Internal temperature alarm threshold

65 ℃

Cooling mode

Cooling mode




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