1300KW DC Power Supply

Product Description

1300KW DC Power Supply (hereinafter referred to as "DC Power Supply”); This scheme is designed according to relevant standards and design requirements, mainly including four parts: mains power input control, APFC power quality management,full-wave controlled rectifier and control system.

Technical Parameters

Technical Specification for 1300kW DC Power Supply




Power Supply Input Parameter

Input Voltage






Power Supply Output Parameter

Output voltage


Output current


Output power


Power factor



Apply 30 inch standard cabinet, outlet from the back

Overall efficiency

≥95% (calculated value 95.7% )

Condition monitoring requirements

with RS485 communication(standard frame); monitor the voltage and current condition; with output current limiting, overcurrent
protection functions





Working Conditions






Working altitude

no higher than 4500 meters

Working ambient temperature


Storage temperature


No conductive dust

Environment free from explosion and danger

Environment free from gases and vapors that can corrode metals and insulation

Air relative humidity ≤90%; No condensed water or icing

The air shall not contain corrosive steam, particles, conductive particles and particles that will become conductive after absorbing moisture;

Where the vertical incline is not more than 5 degrees and there is no violent vibration and impact.

Control Mode

Local and remote control mode.

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